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Guiding compliant structuring and administration.

QOF Compliance

Our specialists consult on mandatory IRS form submissions, testing procedures to ensure continual regulatory compliance with the Opportunity Zone program. Our services help sponsors avoid inclusionary events.

Investor Communications

We advise clients on structuring transparent communications channels with LP investors. Many issuers rely on repeat investors and the communication process is integral to creating that bond between GP. and LPs.


Analyzing fundraising approaches, investor targeting, public solicitation needs, and disclosure preferences, we guide clients in selecting the ideal regulatory exemption including 506(b) and 506(c) under Reg D to optimize compliant execution with favorable cost-benefit tradeoffs.

Policies and Procedures

We author tailored manuals outlining accredited verification, subscription handling, transfers enactment, and information access protocols - then assist clients in instilling those policies and procedures into the daily operations.


Request an Overview

For a more detailed overview of our services please contact at the email address below or fill out to the form on the right.

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